WordPress Makes It Possible

So I just had a friend of mine share a?blog post?that took her like a year and a half to write. I totally sympathize with her message and am glad she was able to write it. Sometimes blogging isn’t about the reader, it’s about the writer.

But this blog post really isn’t about that. It’s actually about WordPress. Because my friend wrote her blog post on wordpress.com using a vanilla Twenty Ten theme. And this my friends is why WordPress is awesome.

I spend my days learning the ins-and-outs of the themes/plugins/code that makes up WordPress. I worry about design and functionality and future-proofing and user experience and information architecture and backward compatibility… ad infinitum. But really it’s about the words. The voice. The platform. The ability to be heard. Even if no one reads. It’s out there.

And anyone can do it. WordPress makes it possible.