The Achille’s Heel…

I don’t remember now who sent me this link about confidence, but it’s been sitting in my browser for days waiting to be read. (Yes, I am aware I need a better system for such things.) I find the psychology of business ownership to be an interesting topic and one I hadn’t really considered before; which is odd since I have a background in organizational development.

I think this article sums up some of the common pitfalls of confidence / self-esteem / ego that are possible and perhaps even inevitable. I’m guilty of a few and I think I’ve grown past others. But I’m going to keep this around as a checklist to compare myself against, and to remind me of things I ought not be doing. Once identified and named, it’s much easier to counteract these situations.

Overcome the Eight Barriers to Confidence – Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Harvard Business Review.