Stepping Away from WordPress

I’ve been using WordPress since around 2006 and been actively involved in the community since 2013. But the time has come for me to step away from WordPress.

Just over a year ago I was speaking at WordCamp US 2019. It was the achievement of a long-time goal and will always be a fond memory for me. Seems a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? They always say go out on top, and it’s hard to beat that experience.

I have learned so much and made so many friends and had so many experiences I would never have had without WordPress, but I find that my career keeps taking me in other directions and WordPress has become nothing more than a hobby. And I have several hobbies. Over time I find I am spending less and less effort on WordPress.

Working with the Training Team deserves special mention. It has been a fantastic experience to represent the team. It has been graced by many wonderful, talented volunteers over the years, but I find my enthusiasm for its mission is waning. Perhaps after a break I might return as a simple volunteer.

Part of me is sad to see this chapter come to a close. Perhaps after a bit of time away I will find my interest renewed. But for now I am stepping away from WordPress and I can’t say when I’ll be back.

Please keep in touch though as you are some of my favorite people in the world. Best of luck to everyone in this crazy world we live in.