So I Went to WordCamp Denver 2013

So I went to another WordCamp in mid-November, this time in Denver. This was my fourth WordCamp of 2013, but it was the first one where I was a speaker.

(Well, that’s not exactly true. I gave a similar presentation at a WordUp session in Minneapolis in October, but that wasn’t an official WordCamp.)

I totally enjoy WordCamps as they are an awesome way to learn new things and meet new people that enjoy and understand a lot of the same things as myself. Personally, my favorite talks are the ones way over my head so I get out of my sphere of knowledge a bit.

My presentation was called “Learning WordPress Sucks” but it was basically a Randy Pausch head fake. (What! You don’t know Randy Pausch! Fix that. Now.) Meaning that while I’m sure the audience got good information from it, I’ll confess to it being just as much for me as them.

Take a look at the slides to see what it was all about. And leave a comment and let me know what level of learning you are at. I’m still working on getting from the “Know Enough to Be Afraid” to the “Know Enough to be Confident” level.


And I would be a horrible person if I didn’t give a shoutout to the organizers, volunteers, other speakers, and participants who made it such a great WordCamp. Special love to the organizers. There’s so much blood, sweat, caffeine, and alcohol that goes into putting events like this one. *Hugs!*
And special mention to Jonel who was the emcee in my room and introduced me. It was the first session of the day, so of course we had a technical glitch. Luckily, neither of us knew about it at the time. 🙂 And she was so kind to me in her write up ?WordCamp Denver 2013 | Crowd Favorite. I meant to spend more time with her while I was there. I suppose that’s just one more reason to go back again next year!

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  1. Julie,

    Just found your website. Thanks for posting all the great resources 🙂

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