Looking for my business website? It’s over at?

straightFORWARD Web Solutions offers website design and creation services for business owners. You?ll notice a subtle nod towards my passion for Harley-Davidson along the way.

My websites tell a story, allowing my clients to connect with their customers, powerfully portraying their business. I go the extra mile, automating processes, freeing up time for my clients to focus on what they do best. I help identify online services or technologies that make things easier or better, ultimately helping to achieve more business. The sites I produce are customizable and flexible in both look and functionality. And my clients always maintain ultimate control.

straightFORWARD benefits include:

Connect with customers — Demonstrate expertise. Be the obvious solution. Command respect and deserve recognition. Be what your customers want. I make sure the websites I create provide the answers they?re seeking.

Save time and money — Do what you?re best at. Achieve goals. Run your business and be awesome. Don?t be distracted by technology. I?ll do that for you, more quickly, more effectively, providing the results you need.

Make your life easier — Feel good. Relieve a little pressure. Dodge the learning curve and employ an expert. Let me worry about ensuring your website does everything you need it to.

straightFORWARD promises to:

? Portray the image you desire
? Develop automation wherever possible
? Provide a friendly, personalized service
? Create a site that?s central to your marketing strategy
? Make recommendations on relevant technologies & services

straightFORWARD?s comprehensive services include:

? Websites that fit your needs
? Social media integration
? Responsive design (for mobile devices)
? Scanning and integrating new technologies
? Relief from website chores such as security and backups

STOCK — Ready to Ride

WordPress installation ? I offer professional and highly functional websites or blogs, allowing clients to choose from an extensive inventory of designs. I help clients to get up and running with loads of advice and information along the way. I?ll provide help as is needed for the long haul. My clients achieve specific goals with my stock service, quickly, easily, and at a fair price.

MODIFIED — Turning it up a notch

Website wrangling, updating or redesigning ? I help my clients to extend the capability of their existing website with a complete overhaul, migrating from an old version, or a few tweaks here and there. I increase speed and functionality. I can redesign a particular part to serve a different purpose, adding new features and modernizing tired sites. Perhaps a website is performing well but could do with some straightening up on the design front. I can help tune it up!

CUSTOM — This baby is yours

The sky?s the limit! A fully customized, all-singing, all-dancing WordPress website, 100% unique. Clients often present me with a specific idea, not knowing if it?s possible. They may be looking for a fully designed site to express personality and individuality or perhaps they?re looking for that ?something special? ? I can run through it all, step-by-step. With unlimited functionality, tailored search engine optimization and expert consultation from me, we?re on to a winner!


Website Maintenance ? I can help keep your site running smooth with backups, upgrades, traffic analysis, and security monitoring. Personal support is also part of the package.

Branding ? If you?re in need of a brand or a branding refresh, we can work through the steps to make sure you?re portraying the image you intend and that it makes you look great!

Check out my business site at and let?s hit the highway! I promise a warm welcome, a unique experience, and a sensational journey.