Reverse Resume

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For the time being I have a desire to be a remote worker. I’m currently based in Fargo, ND and probably will be for the next decade or so. After that I am looking to become more nomadic.


I thrive in a small, do-what-it-takes culture where decisions are made jointly, quickly, and cooperatively. Where people look for ways to make things happen rather than looking for reasons they can’t/shouldn’t. Having a focus on a greater purpose besides making money and doing the minimum of what’s required is important to me. I want to work where a playful “go to hell” is not only allowed but enjoyed.


I’d like to work somewhere where I know everyone’s names, faces, skills, interests, and even a bit about their personal life. For my brain, that’s a team somewhere around 50 people.


I want to work with people that I am comfortable hanging out with. If it’s a drag to be invited to the Christmas party, then it’s probably not the right fit. Having some shared interests beyond the same employer helps a lot, even if that shared interest is a passion for our work.

Type of Work

I like to solve the puzzles of troubleshooting and help people get their work done in the best way possible. I am passionate about the WordPress community and want to be a part of it and contribute to it. I don’t like to supervise people, but I don’t mind leading a team that’s working together to get something accomplished.


I expect to work hard. But balancing work with other interests makes me a better worker, and a better person. I really desire the flexibility to work in whatever location I find myself. I also appreciate the flexibility to manage my own time and get work done in hours that are best for me.


I find that I need a variety of things to work on. Outside projects that offer a way to pursue other interests is important to me. Sometimes it is volunteer work. Sometimes it is consulting.


Work that allows me to follow my curiosity and expand my skills is desirable to me. Work that sponsors or actively encourages learning would be awesome.


Money is not a driving factor for me, but having enough to keep my mind free from worry and room for a little fun makes me a better worker. A fair wage for my work, skills, and experience is all I ask. Stability and predictability go a long ways as well.