Omaha – Week 2

Week 2 in Omaha was a busy one. We covered CSS in class, which like HTML is still something I’m fairly well versed in. I’m still learning new things even though I’m familiar with the course content. Just having the material organized rather than a random Google search for an answer is helpful. We didn’t quite finish CSS, so it’s going to bleed over into next week. But we should also be starting JavaScript next week which while not?new to me I don’t consider it?one of my strengths. We will also be?introduced to the non-profits that we’ll be doing projects for. Shit gets real then.

There were two fun events this week too. Tuesday night Interface Web School hosted an event where a tech recruiter came in to provide advice. It was a small crowd and the recruiter may not have been a great match with the skills and interests of the folks who showed up, but we still got some good tips on how to look for jobs and work with recruiters. I’m not sure how many of my classmates are looking for jobs as there were only two from my class at the event. Plus?most of my classmates work day jobs or are going to school so having events every night of the week is more of a burden for them than it is for me.

One fun fact from that event is that there was a mixup on the pizza order so there was?an excess. I wound up carrying three boxes of leftover pizza back to the house, which is about 2 miles uphill. I figure at that point the pizza is zero-calorie, right?

The other fun event was the Flywheel open house on Friday. They moved into their current space several months ago (September?) but just finally got around to holding an open house. They had 300 RSVPs on Facebook and I’m sure even more folks stopped by. I was there at 4pm when it started and it filled up quickly. Lots of people from the local marketing/design/tech industry, some of which didn’t have strong ties to Flywheel but stopped by anyway to check it out. It was a good time with good food (Rounders from Localmotive!). There’s some interesting people and organizations in Omaha!

People mingling at Flywheel Open House People mingling at Flywheel Open House People mingling at Flywheel Open House