Google Web Fonts

For centuries, print designers have had a plethora of fonts to choose from for their work. In the early days it was calligraphy in different styles. Later came printing press fonts. But the personal computer really opened the world of serif, san-serif, cursive, and fancy to anyone who wanted to publish any type of document in any quantity.

Then came the Internet. Having already grown accustomed to having options for fonts, designers were frustrated that their choices now seemed to be limited to Times New Roman and Arial. It has gotten better over the years, but still seemed limiting if you wanted to be sure your website work looked as intended in the most environments.

Google has developed a resource that can bring back some of the fun in choosing fonts for web design. By linking to the font libraries available from Google you can add web-safe fonts into your sites. The Google font website?explains the simple process:

  • 1.?Choose:
    Search or browse hundreds of font families, then add the ones you like to your Collection.
  • 2.?Review:
    Compare and refine your Collection, even see the styles in a dynamic sample layout.
  • 3.?Use:
    Grab the code we prepare and you?re ready to add the Collection to your website!

Then it’s simply a matter of adding some code to your ?HTML. Something as simple as?<link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> will do the trick, but you can also use @import or JavaScript to do the job as well.

With the myriad of choices available, don’t limit yourself to the simple Times New Roman / Arial choice.