Google Fonts for All The Things!

Have you ever had?a Google Font that you’ve used on a website that you also want to use on a business card, or an ebook, or in a logo? Google Fonts are designed for the web and not for use on your desktop.

But there are a couple of ways around that.

The first is documented in this easy to follow YouTube video. It’s slightly dated, but still works just fine. You’ll also need the assistance of the Everything Fonts site too.

Another alternative is to use SkyFonts that allows you to install desktop versions of Google Fonts and keep them in sync across five devices. Because it’s synced, you’ll always have the latest versions of the fonts. (There’s also some really great fonts available straight from the site too.)

If you really want to go to town with Google Fonts, you can go straight to the source and download the source files too. You can even modify the fonts themselves, if you’re into that sort of thing.

With all these options there’s no reason to have mis-matched fonts between your website and your other materials. Google Fonts are a great resource that can be used pretty much anywhere.