A Quick Little Project: Gearheadipsum.com

I’ve had an idea for a couple of months now for a lorem ipsum variation. Oftentimes when I’m building sites there’s a stage where you need dummy content and random pictures. I tend to use public domain pictures of cars, motorcycles, and open roads. It dawned on me that I needed some dummy text to match. The idea of gearheadipsum.com was born.

So I went looking for a tutorial on how to build lorem ipsum generators and ran across Tuna Ipsum. It’s a WordPress plugin that was built several years ago by Chris Jean and was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. (I had actually been looking for a tutorial on how to build one from scratch using a database of words, but I wasn’t having any luck finding something like that.) There was a page on the site with a bit of instructions, but the link to the original source tutorial is no longer working so I decided to just use the plugin and see if I could make it work for me.

I had purchased the gearheadipsum.com domain back in December so all I needed to do was set up the site and add gearhead-type words to the database. The “database” is actually a CSV .txt file. I had a bunch of words in mind already, but my list isn’t as long as I’d like so I’ll continue to add to it over time. I also wanted to remove all the “fishy” references in the plugin and the code. So after changing a file name and replacing some strings it seems good enough to actually publish.

There are still some issues with the code. There’s a lorem.txt file that isn’t being called in properly and I might want to dress up the output a bit, plus the theme needs a bit of responsive work. But it’s a nice little project for a few hours time and one that I’ll likely use myself in the future. Scratch your own itch, isn’t that what they say?

gearheadipsum.com screenshot