Jayvie Canono: Building a Career with WordPress | WordPress.tv

This is a great nearly-hour-long talk given at the Raleigh WordCamp 2012. One of my big take-aways ?was his breakdown of areas of specialization, which he defined as:

  • Front-end design (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Development (programming with data)
  • Graphic design & illustration
  • User experience & interaction design
  • Management (content and community) & consulting
  • Education & training
  • Also?sales & accounting & project management

He also emphasized that one person can’t do it all and that you don’t have to choose just one. So for me, in my order of expertise and interest, they are:

  1. Management & consulting
  2. Front end design
  3. Development
  4. User experience & interaction design
  5. Graphic design &?illustration
  6. Education & training

Jayvie Canono: Building a Career with WordPress | WordPress.tv.