Beginners Guide: 25 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Having made most of these, I thought I’d share. It’s a very good list. Read the full report here, including whys and hows:

Beginners Guide: 25 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid.


But if you just need a quick list to glance at, here it is:

  1. Choosing the wrong platform
  2. Buying more than what you need
  3. Not creating a WordPress backup
  4. Ignoring WordPress updates
  5. Using a default favicon
  6. Updating functions.php without having FTP access
  7. Too many categories
  8. Not setting up your permalinks
  9. Ignoring SEO settings
  10. Changing the site URL and losing all traffic
  11. Not installing a caching plugin
  12. Choosing a WordPress theme from a bad source
  13. Not having a contact form
  14. Not installing Analytics
  15. Writing in Microsoft Word
  16. “Just Another WordPress Blog” tagline
  17. Not deleting the sample page
  18. Failing to moderate comments
  19. Error establishing a database connection
  20. White screen of death
  21. Crazy long archives
  22. Not saving images for the web
  23. Ignoring security
  24. Hard coding everything
  25. Not learning more

OK, I’ve committed 24 out of 25. The last one is not a sin I’ve committed.

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  1. As a developer I am aware of most of them but I like the last 25th where you said “Not learning more” :). I am completely agree with you because I’ve seen many times where developer following same old approach for years without trying to learn something new and easier. Nice list Julie.

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