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Customer Support | Technical Writer | Knowledge Manager | Instructional Designer | WordPress

Hi! I’m Julie Kuehl. I enjoy solving problems, helping people, documenting processes, and making things better for the long run.

Here are some things you probably don?t want to know about me, but it’s my website so I?m telling you anyway:

  1. I’m a blacksmith specializing in Viking-age techniques, tools, and objects. I love giving demonstrations at re-enactment events. If you’re interested, there’s more information over at Cool Mountain Forge.
  2. I love podcasts – I’ve hosted and been a guest on several. And I hosted SciFi Tech Talk.
  3. I hold several black belts in martial arts – everything from Aikido to Karate. I’m also a certified Ninja, hehe. My favorite though was Iai-do (sword). I was even in Japan teaching police officers at one time.
  4. I was once a national expert in truck drivers – seriously. I did university-based research in the economics and safety of motor carriers. And wore a suit. Good times.
  5. I had lunch with Apple’s Jony Ive – Okay, so he bumped ahead of me in line at the sushi counter at Cafe Macs, but that?s my story and I?m sticking with it.
  6. I ride a Harley – okay, you probably know that one, especially if you?ve ever met me in person. You can follow my blog at Wild and Precious. And yes, I?ve not only been to Sturgis, but have worked there during Rally Week – what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis, right? (Mostly because I did nothing but work. It was fun, but work.)